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How Under Armour’s New Portland HQ Will Change Its Sneakers

Under Armour Portland Oregon

A look inside Under Armour’s new Portland, Ore. facility.

Under Armour

Under Armour’s new Portland, Ore.-based facility is modest in size compared to some of its athletic market counterparts. But its the energy and motivation to create innovative footwear within the 70,000 square foot space that makes it stand out.

On a recent tour of Under Armour’s new West Coast home, a former YMCA, not much is off limits to outsiders. Aside from taking photos from the track that sits above the main office space being prohibited because of sensitive proprietary materials sitting out in the open, documenting what the brand is doing inside is encouraged.

It’s new home — which officially opened its doors in September — is a performance innovation center, which is dedicated to bolstering its push to become a serious footwear brand. Highlights of the facility include a biomechanics lab equipped with a 16-camera motion analysis system, a recovery room with equipment to help repair the body, and an athlete performance lab (a supped-up gym with analytical equipment geared toward improving performance.)

“What’s really important is we have everything here — biomechanics, performance training — and we’re able to connect all the dots, inform where product should go. And we are seeing the results as well. It’s an all in house system that we haven’t had,” Under Armour chief design officer Dave Dombrow told Footwear News during the tour.

Under Armour Portland OregonUnder Armour’s new Portland, Ore.-based facility.
Under Armour

But Under Armour already has a home in Baltimore that could house everything it has in Portland. The reasoning for opening on the West Coast was to enlist the talent of the area and have a coast-to-coast presence.

“There’s a rich history and a deep pool of really talented people in this area, this region, and on the whole West Coast. And it gives us an opportunity to have a dual coast offense,” explained Topher Gaylord, group general manager of Under Armour’s run division. “Baltimore is a very important epicenter of creativity and innovation and have a West Coast hub of innovation and creation.”

With Portland up and running, Dombrow believes Under Armour is now set to become a force in footwear.

“We’re making really great strides in footwear, we have really exciting product coming whether it’s in basketball with Curry or whether it’s [running with] Hovr with the Phantom and the Sonic,” he said. “We’re going to have these staples in every category and we’re going to be able to leverage those technologies across the board, across categories.”

Under Armour Hovr SonicUnder Armour Hovr Sonic in white.
Under Armour

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