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Fergie Flustered Onstage Honoring Tom Ford at TrevorLive LA Gala

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Tom Ford and Fergie at the 2017 TrevorLive gala.

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The drinks were plentiful and generously flowing last night at the 2017 TrevorLive gala in Los Angeles at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, where Tom Ford was honored with the Hero award for his contributions to LGTBQ visibility in fashion and entertainment.

While being introduced by Fergie and Armie Hammer, the indulgence that evening inspired some animated and peculiar revelry.

armie hammer, fergie, tom ford, trevorlive gala, the trevor projectL-R: Armie Hammer, Fergie and Tom Ford.
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“I’m actually Armie Hammer; I’m going to win a big Academy Award, thanks,” Fergie said onstage.

A representative for The Trevor Project revealed to FN Spy that her speech onstage was a surprise, and that she was not included on the teleprompter.

“This is unexpected and in typical Tom Ford style… he would love that if he was here,” the pop star, who also has a namesake footwear line, continued as Ford watched on. “They really love you. Tom Ford is here — he’s here on this bag, on this amazing T-shirt — mock-style long-sleeve shirt — skirt and pumps. Behind this Tom Ford life, which I have his makeup in the bag. He’s a person with passion… he’s a director… he loves to see people’s feelings and listen.”

The songbird went on to sing a few lines from her new album, “Double Dutchess,” which she mentioned to the crowd was available to purchase on iTunes. “This is not a shameless promotion — I have a lot of shame. I have a new song called ‘A Little Work’, and I have a version that has alternate verses. I’m promoting the Target version that has alternate verses.”

fergie drunk, trevorlive la galaFergie at the TrevorLive LA gala on Dec. 3.
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Following the impromptu vocals, she let Hammer speak by introducing him as herself. “Welcome everyone, Fergie,” she said.

“If I had a nickel for every time I was confused with Fergie…” Hammer quipped before speaking about his “Nocturnal Animals” director, Ford. “He’s built a fashion empire. A man of great innovation, creativity and passion,” he continued while struggling to read the teleprompter. “They shouldn’t put wine on the tables, I just have to say. It was one of the great honors of my life to be a part of his films, ‘Nocturnal Animals.’”

Ford, who was also seated alongside Isla Fischer and Aaron Taylor Johnson, took to the stage and remarked that fellow honoree Chenoweth gave an acceptance speech that concluded with an emotional ballad. “Armie and I were sitting at the table saying we’re so f—ked, that was the most amazing acceptance speech,” Ford shared while being recognized with the Hero award. “I’m intimated by the word hero, it sounds so macho. I don’t feel particularly heroic; I simply lived my life as myself. I don’t think of myself as gay, but apparently I am. I’m just myself. That’s what all of us have the right to be — to be ourselves. Unfortunately many people don’t grow up in an environment in which to be comfortable enough to be themselves or in which to explore who that self might be. That’s what The Trevor Project is helping to ensure that the youth today have every right to be themselves, whatever that self might be, and to know they have the love, support and understanding of us all. That they have our commitment to make sure the world will become a more tolerant place and not less. We all know that we’re enduring a political environment that thrives on hate and division, so we must work hard to celebrate and fight for inclusion, understanding and most importantly, love.”

After Ford concluded his remarks, the announcer introduced Shoshana Bean, who was ready to join Chenoweth for a duet, however Fergie reappeared on stage to plug her work on iTunes. The announcer had to call for two rounds of applause while Fergie was speaking before she was ushered off the stage.

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