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Kyrie Irving Makes a Flat Earth Joke in New, Self-Directed Nike Ad

Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics

Kyrie Irving stars in a new Nike commercial.

Courtesy of Nike/YouTube

Nike debuted a new Kyrie Irving-directed commercial for the basketball player’s eponymous shoe on Christmas Day. The ad is chock-full of jokes for the Boston Celtics point guard’s fans, with nods to Irving’s flat earth crusade and vegan diet.

The video opens with a cameo from NFL star Rob Gronkowski (Irving’s Celtics teammate Jayson Tatum also makes an appearance), who reads off a script while Irving watches from a director’s chair.

“Cut, cut,” Irving says. “I’m not feeling this.”

The video then shifts its focus to Irving, who puts on a mixtape while he wanders around the set.

“This is my world,” Irving says, as he pushes a two-dimensional replica of the planet.

Later in the video, Irving heads to the court, where he shows off his basketball prowess as the Boston Philharmonic plays.

In response to a question about how he pulled off a particular move, Irving gives credit to his vegan lifestyle.

“Simple,” he says. “A plant-based diet.”

While the video doesn’t explicitly call attention to the NBA star’s kicks, the commercial was created in promotion of Irving’s new Kyrie IV sneakers, which hit stores this month. For the Celtics’ Christmas Day game against the Washington Wizards, Irving sported the new sneakers in a mismatched pair, rocking one in hot pink and the other in electric blue.

The sneakers come in a bold “Confetti” colorway and a simpler black and white version.

Watch the full Nike commercial here:

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