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The Athletic Companies That Have the Coolest Fitness Apps

The Athletic Companies That Have the

Nike+ Run Club


Fitness is almost always a resolution for people when a new year approaches, and some of today’s top athletic footwear brands (and companies that don’t sell shoes) have apps that could help keep you on the right track. If you’re hoping to improve your physical fitness, here are some options you could download on your phone via Google Play or the Apple App Store right now.

Nike Training Club and Nike+ Run Club

These apps from the Swoosh are designed to not only tell you the moves you can do to get in better shape but also show you. If you like to constantly change your routine, the Nike Training Club delivers more than 100 workouts from experts to choose from. And you can share your workout with friends, show off your personal bests and more. But if you’re more of a runner, the Nike+ Run Club may be for you. It tracks your runs and gives you personalized coaching.

Nike Training ClubNike Training Club
Google Play

Under Armour MapMyFitness

The Baltimore-based brand arguably has the best suite of fitness-themed apps (Connected Fitness), and the standout is MapMyFitness. The app tracks your runs, bike rides, walks, hikes, workouts and more, and even let’s you know when you need to replace your Under Armour Connected sneakers.

Under Armour MapMyFitnessUnder Armour MapMyFitness
Google Play

My Asics Run Coaching

If you’re a serious runner, an app from Asics — a beloved running brand — is a no-brainer. This app develops a program for you, according to the company, “designed on three principles, refined by training thousands of runners at Asics Institute of Sports Science.” Those principles: structure your training, build your capacity and focus your goals.

My Asics Run CoachingMy Asics Run Coaching
Google Play

30 Day Fitness Challenge — Workout at Home

This app isn’t backed by a brand but is good for people who have a goal and want to be challenged to hit it. This app allows you to work out at home and has a plan for you to follow. Best of all, like the others mentioned above, it’s free to download.

30 Day Fitness Challenge — Workout at Home30 Day Fitness Challenge — Workout at Home
Google Play

Fitness & Bodybuilding

Another app not backed by an athletic sneaker brand, this free tool is focused on the person who is into strength training. It offers personal coaching and training plans for people looking to get bigger or leaner and ripped.

Fitness & BodybuildingFitness & Bodybuilding
Google Play

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