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Watchdog Group Blasts UN for its Most Evil Actions

The United Nations is being called out for what one watchdog group calls the world body’s top “evil actions” of the year.    
Here are the first five in UN Watch’s “Top 10 Most Evil Actions of 2017,” using the watchdog group’s titles.
1.  Saudi Arabia Elected to U.N. Women’s Rights Commission – This despite Saudi Arabia’s centuries-old denial of many rights for women that Saudi men routinely are awarded.  UN Watch labeled Saudi Arabia’s treatment of its females “horrific subjugation of women.”

2.  Mother of All Rogues’ Galleries – The U.N. Human Rights Council in September gathered what UN Watch called “the most despicable single panel of presenters in its 70-year history.”    They were blasting so-called “unilateral coercive measures,” by which they meant sanctions by Western nations against regimes such as Russia’s, Sudan’s and Venezuela’s.   On the panel were individuals like Jorge Valero, the ambassador of Venezuela’s oppressive regime, and author Alfred de Zayas. UN Watch complained his “World War II revisionist history’s made him a hero to Holocaust deniers.”  

3.  Purges Teachers, Now on UNESCO Board – This agency for education, science, and culture has put Turkey on its executive board after Turkey’s hardline president fired some 100,000 officials, teachers, and academics it judged insufficiently loyal to the Erdogan regime.  This makes Turkey a judge of press freedom, though it itself has persecuted Turkish journalists.

4.  Honoring Qaddafi Agent – The U.N. Human Rights Council in March gave a position of honor to Jean Ziegler, co-founder of the “Muammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize.” This came despite what UN Watch labeled “Ziegler’s despicable record of siding with murderous regimes.”   

5.  Rewarding Genocidal Syria – The Assad regime has long been accused of subjugating, dominating and exploiting its own people, and yet the U.N. re-elected it to a senior post on a committee criticizing the “subjugation, domination and exploitation” of people.

See the rest of the list posted by UN Watch.

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