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Winter Olympics Wardrobe Malfunction Left Figure Skater Dress Loose

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South Korean figure skater Yura Min performs with partner Alexander Gamelin at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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They say it takes only seconds to make a first impression.

How about five? That’s how long it took into her Winter Olympics debut for Yura Min’s dress to slide down her shoulders in what could have become a disastrous wardrobe malfunction during her appearance on the rink during Sunday’s event.

Yura Min wardrobe malfunction 2018 winter olympics dressYura Min suffers a wardrobe malfunction at the 2018 Winter Olympics.
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Although a hook on the back of her dress pulled loose, the figure skater, representing South Korea, managed to carry on with her routine as she performed a series of improvisations, such as pulling her arms back on occasion, while dancing with partner Alexander Gamelin. However, during their synchronized side-by-side spins known as twizzles, Min took a pause to tug on the dress to prevent it from falling, ultimately avoiding a catastrophic fashion faux pas at the 2018 Winter Games.

The pair ended up placing ninth out of the 10, with an overall score of 51.97 points, but Min received praise on social media for her professionalism and recovery from the sartorial setback. In a post on Twitter, Min got candid with fans and followers, even joking that she promises to “sew myself in for the individual event.”

Riedell Shoes, Inc., is among the companies that sponsor both Min and Gamelin, who will return to the rink on Feb. 19 for the individual ice dance competition. Mathieu Caron is the designer label behind Min’s dress.

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