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The Top Three Trends Spotted at Tokyo Fashion Week Fall 2018

Countless innovative fashion ideas have been born in Asia and made their way westward. The Mar. 19 kickoff of Tokyo Fashion Week’s fall ’18 shows proved the region’s advanced aesthetic again. While street style attendees were keen on looks that have notably been trending worldwide (the ’90s invasion and dad sneakers, for starters), fashion insiders in Tokyo took things up a notch.

Here are the three biggest shoe trends that dominated the streets on day one and are bound to run the streets until the week’s Mar. 26 close.

’90s Grunge

tokyo fashion week, street style, fall 2018, dr. martensDr. Martens boots.
Onnie Koski

One of the defining shoe brands of the ’90s decade was without a doubt Dr. Martens. As grungy became chic, the most dependable shoes for getting that perfect rough-around-the-edges look were these lug-soled lace-ups. As the ’90s reclaim the spotlight in today’s fashion industry, Dr. Martens is right back where it belongs to enjoy the ride.

Chunky Platforms

tokyo fashion week, street style, fall 2018, yru glitter platform bootsGlitter platform shoes by YRU.
Onnie Koski

With dad sneakers hitting the grounds at every fashion week around the globe this season, the fashion-forward hub of Tokyo was in alignment. Street style attendees did not stop at a mere Louis Vuitton arch-light or Balenciaga Triple S, however. Instead, styles such as YRU’s glitter platforms and sky-high leather Balenciaga boots took the chunky shoe trend to new heights.

Avant-Garde Touches

tokyo fashion week, street style, fall 2018Shoes by Kokon To Zai.
Onnie Koski

In Milan, avant-garde heels took over. The likes of feather-trimmed stilettos and glass-painted heels from Prada owned the cobble-stoned streets. Tokyo’s answer to the artistic shoe concept? Kokon To Zai’s half-sneaker, half-sculpture hybrid, a museum-worthy piece all its own.

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