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Many approaches may help children improve self-regulation

(Reuters Health) – Yoga, exercise, education and personal skills training are among the many types of interventions that may help kids improve what’s known as self-regulation, or their ability to manage their behavior and emotions, a study suggests. Self-regulation covers a lot of things that kids need to succeed inside …

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Opioids overprescribed to patients taking certain sedatives

(Reuters Health) – Narcotic painkillers can be particularly dangerous for patients who also take tranquilizing drugs known as benzodiazepines, but a study suggests doctors are still over-prescribing this combination of medicines. Benzodiazepines, which can treat anxiety, insomnia, seizures and other problems, “are widely used by patients and most of them …

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Many U.S. kids with brain injuries not getting needed rehab

(Reuters Health) – Many children hospitalized in the U.S. for brain injuries don’t receive all the rehabilitation services needed for them to potentially make a full recovery, a new study suggests. Researchers interviewed parents and children four times over two years after kids had a head injury. Overall, children with …

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Concussion raises Parkinson’s disease risk in large U.S. study

(Reuters Health) – A new study of hundreds of thousands of U.S. armed forces veterans concludes that banging your head severely enough to lose consciousness can dramatically increase the risk of Parkinson’s, the brain disease marked by tremors, slow movements, balance problems and difficulty walking. While the overall numbers are …

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Losing a spouse late in life linked to cognitive decline

(Reuters Health) – Older adults who lose a spouse may be more vulnerable to cognitive decline in subsequent years and require extra support and monitoring, researchers say. In the study of nearly 7,000 middle aged and older men and women, cognitive functioning declined over time for everyone, but it degraded …

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U.S. appeals court blocks Indiana ‘selective’ abortion law

(Reuters) – A federal appeals court on Thursday declared unconstitutional an Indiana law signed by then-Governor Mike Pence that banned women from having abortions because of the gender, race or disability, including Down’s syndrome, of their fetuses. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence participates in the opening session of the Americas …

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