What Is An Adirondack Chair?

Summer is finally here, and everybody is thinking about being outdoors. Many will be wanting a durable, good looking Adirondack chairs in which to sit and read or watch the world go by.

These chairs were traditionally made of eleven flat boards. It has a rounded back and extra wide armrests on which to balance a book or drink. Originally the chair had a straight back but the rounded version won out as more comfortable. It has no back legs but slants backward. This design feature is because inventor Thomas Lee made the chair to be used on sloping mountainous ground. The round back version along with a more contoured seats were added by Irving Wolpin in 1938. This newer design was welcomed by users with enthusiasm.

Modern Modifications

One of the most recent changes to the Adirondack Chair are in the materials they’re made of. As man’s technology in the area of man made materials has occurred, it has been used in these beloved chairs. Today they come in not only wood but resins, hard impact plastics and polymers. These materials not only made the chairs more durable under adverse weather conditions but also brought down prices.

Other modifications can now be had in the form of cup holders, foot rests and back legs for greater stability. The design has also been modified to other pieces of furniture. Today the Adirondack design can be seen in rockers, gliders, loveseats and tables to name just a few. A journey through the Internet will give you many ideas for furniture with this design.

Can I Make My Own Chair?

The answer is a resounding yes. If one goes to the internet and Google Adirondack chairs, they will find not only sales on the chairs but hundreds of plans to make your own. Many claim that the chairs are easily made by anyone with woodworking experiences.

The social media is also a good place to search. Facebook has several pages dedicated to persons who make the chairs to order. On Pinterest, you’ll find not only blueprints but also painting tips and tricks as well as hundreds of pictures of both traditional and modern chairs. On Amazon.com, you can find books that talk about the chairs or give plans on building them. One rather interesting book discussed how to use the chair for sitting yoga. Even the mighty New York Times has blogged about them and America’s love of them.

What About Cost?

The cost of the chairs can vary widely. There are chairs made of resin for as little as $79. The cheapest wooden chair I could find was $100. Usually though the price ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to several. Warranties also vary a great deal with some made of man-made materials having as much as a 20-year guarantee. The average warranty though seems to run between five and ten years.