4 Advantages of Using Mobile Forms for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies need every advantage they can get to compete. Advances in technology have given businesses a number of strategies to choose from in order to evolve their processes. One of the technologies that has the most potential to impact your business is utilizing mobile forms. How can this paperless technology help revolutionize your business?

1. Empower a Mobile Workforce

If you’re in an industry in which your employees work out in the field, using a paperless workflow can be a lifesaver. In-home sales reps, contractors, technicians, and customer service representatives can all benefit from utilizing mobile forms in the field. By utilizing this technology, you can free up your employees to do what they do best, instead of trying to continually keep track of paperwork out in the field. Just have them gather the information you need and submit it through a mobile form.

2. Eliminate Process Errors

Another big advantage of using mobile forms is that you can take the thinking out of processes for your employees. Instead of requiring them to remember the next step in the process, simply prompt them to complete a form or checklist while they’re working. For example, many contractors have to fill out a checklist at the completion of a job to ensure that the work is done the same way every time. By doing this, it helps to eliminate human error in repetitive processes that have to be done on every job.

3. Get Documents Where They Need to Go

Automating document placement through mobile form workflows can make it much more likely that documents are where they need to be. Instead of relying on employees to put forms or documents in the right folders or sections, simply create a workflow to have the documents automatically go to the right place when they’re completed. For instance, they could be categorized by project or by customer name, so that they go into that project’s folder as soon as they’re completed. From that point, every time a document is needed, the entire team knows right where to go to get it.

4. Save Money

Many offices today are notorious for printing page after page of useless paperwork. Many documents that don’t need to be printed out, still find their way onto the printer, wasting toner and paper. If you have a lease on a copy machine or have to go out and buy ink for a printer, every piece of paper that you can avoid printing will save you money. While it may not seem like much, going with mobile forms can help you save real money over time.

Utilizing mobile forms has the capability to take your business to a much more efficient and productive level than it’s ever been. Try them out by starting small, and then look for ways to implement mobile forms throughout your business. You may be able to find more information at ProntoForms.