Choose the Right ASP for Online Event Registration Software

An ASP stands for Acronym Service Provider and essentially functions as a company that provides the service of maintaining and organizing online event registration software for customers. This online registration software is provided over a network. Many customers prefer to use an ASP for all of their software because there is nothing that actually needs to be installed and because updates are never a problem since they are performed before the customer even opens the program.

How to Choose an ASP:
There are a number of different criteria that need to be taken into consideration when a customer is choosing an ASP. The first is that the ASP must be compliant with PCI standards. This will keep the software that is being disseminated secure and fully compliant should a company be audited. Essentially, if an ASP is PCI compliant, then its security risks to credit card numbers and other stored financial information is greatly reduced.

A second factor is if the ASP is able to work with the current financial relationships that a business has already established. This is especially important because there are many different deals being made that could undermine a company’s security. An online event registration software system that is able to work with an already established financial relationship will be less likely to be able to steal personal information.

Flexible registration pages are another ASP must. Customers will not feel comfortable using an ASP unless the registration page seems legitimate. It should also closely mirror any previous registration pages that might have existed in order to encourage customers to use a process that they already understand and are comfortable with. An ASP should be able to build a page that fits the needs of the client, not force a client to deal with its own whims.

Having a stable, comprehensive customer support system is also a must. This is because if a client has an issue, it is important to have that issue resolved as quickly and smoothly as possible in order to ensure that no business is lost.

Finally, it is recommended to avoid any ASPs which force a client to lock in for a certain period of time. Because the nature of the economy and business world is always changing, flexibility is a must. The high amount of competition will ensure that a company with no lock-in clauses can be found.

By checking all of these different factors, it will be possible to find an ASP that perfectly suits the needs of any company.