Monitor Your Security Guards Using Software

Do you know where your employees are during certain times of the day? Security guards are no different – they are expected to act independently and responsibly, but you can never be too sure about their actions. Monitor your security guards just like you would keep track of the customers. There are several reasons why you should use security guard management software. You may be able to find more information at Silvertrac.

Monitor the Activities of Your Security GuardProvide the greatest protection for your business, the building where you work and the staff. Monitoring software for security guards includes real-time GPS and NFC technologies to tell you the exact whereabouts. Set up alarms if any of the checkpoints are missed. Now, you can watch the security guards as they watch the premises.

On a computer or smartphone, review the data in real time and respond immediately to any unexpected problems. Make reports without having to wait for the guards to complete their rounds.

Track Your Guard’s Hours

Basic management software makes it easier for the manager to record the guard’s hours, including overtime and days of leaves. Sometimes, guards have to change their shifts and the locations where they work. Software is a tool that works as a centralized database. Create tables or charts of the information, which are easy to print out in reports.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Rely on security guard management software to help you find an incompetent guard before the customers do. Catch threats to the building’s security before they become major disasters. Retain more customers and maintain the stability of your company.

Request a Free Trial

Test out security guard management software before you buy it. You do not have to buy the product upfront or enter into a contract. Do not make any unnecessary hardware installations either. Before trying the free trial, look for product reviews and guarantees provided by the company. If you decide to buy the full product, be able to cancel the services for a full or partial refund.

Management software programs are designed to help you organize the key details of your business. Manage every department of the company from accounting to human resources. Do not forget to include the security of the workplace. Security guards are expected to stay on their feet all day and travel one checkpoint to another. You should watch over them and help to complete some of their security duties. Do what you can to keep your business safe with the use of security guard management software. You may be able to find more information at Silvertrac Software.