Need IT Management Software? Internal Security Features to Worry About

If you don’t have any IT service management software on your computers in the office and you aren’t sure what the most desirable features are for a system, there are some things you want to take into consideration. You know that the software should stop people on outside networks from hacking into your office files, but there are also problems that could happen inside your company that you have to worry about.

External Extraction Security
The IT management software shouldn’t just monitor what is happening online, but it should prevent people from being able to plug in any type of USB or memory device and extract information. This way people can’t steal files or personal information from off the server, even if they are in the office or using one of the office computers. You can also require a passcode or other detailed information to extract anything.
Suspicious Internal Activity
You want the software to detect suspicious internal activity that could be performed by someone that works for you or by someone that shouldn’t be in the building. This means it will look for someone trying to access things without the correct passcodes, and catch someone if they are trying to access files they know they aren’t allowed to view. You could easily catch internal trespassers and unfaithful employees this way.
Activity Recording
The system should record all Internet activity that occurs throughout the day. This allows the administration in your company to go through every persons history if needed, to see what sites they were at, what files on the server they were accessing or trying to get into, and more. As long as your staff is informed you are tracking them, there won’t be any legal concerns. Employees should assume they are being monitored, but this way they leave a trial if they are doing something against company policy.
You server and network have to be secure if you want your company information, the information that belongs to your employees, and your server to be private. Find a software management program that can monitor all the internal online activity that is going on throughout the work day and when people are in the office. This is also to stop people from getting information outside of your company through your network online. With the right IT management software you won’t have to worry about hacking, identity theft and more. For more information, visit the SolarWinds N-able website.